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The original BLOCK solution for HVAC, Plumbing, & Mechanical pipes. The engineered design of the QUICK "PIPE" BLOCK provides a long lasting, easy to install, UV protected block that rides on a styrofoam pad to protect the roof from the expansion and contraction due to the varying temperatures.

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The QUICK “PIPE” BLOCK is constructed out of high density polyethelyne with a UV additive to ensure long life. This product has never had product failure! This unique product is manufactured and distributed by Quick "Pipe" Block and is available at your local wholesaler. Quite economical, the Quick “Pipe” Block reduces non-productive time by eliminating trips to the lumber yard for wood blocks, preparation time, and allowing for one stop shopping.

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Wooden blocks carrying pipes on rooftops have long been a source of problems for roofs. Not only do wood blocks deteriorate over time, but eventually rip the roof membrane due to the constant expanding and contracting, from temperature fluctuations. This can lead to expensive repairs because of leaks.

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